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Baby Tears "Rusty Years" LP

Image of Baby Tears "Rusty Years" LP


The debut LP from both Rainy Road and Baby Tears, released in cooperation with Omaha's Doom Town Records! Limited to only 200 copies on black vinyl, with screen printed covers, lyrics sheet and FREE DOWNLOAD CODE!!

Stream it or download it at

Rusty Years is the first full length LP by Nebraska's scum ass trio BABY TEARS. This twelve dicked beast cums at you from every angle, conjuring the kind of filth one can only find in a North African Jenkem hut. Breathe it and believe it. This disgusting slab is dripping with scab picked riffs, slut scutt grooves, and melodic howls that are more infectious than a ten dollar hooker. Listeners beware: this record stabbed my turntable and shot up with the needle. Now my whole record collection has AIDS and my cock will never look the same.
-Wayne Pain (ex-Fag Cop)

"Baby Tears hail from that ubiquitous world of lo fi, Goner Records-type of trashy punk that seems to dominate the music scene these days."
-Maximum Rock N Roll